October Unprocessed 2010

September 7, 2010 4:29 pm
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October: Unprocessed 2010 was a tremendous success! 415 people took the pledge, and we shared over 40 guest posts. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Information on October Unprocessed 2011 can be found here — and see below for the archive of last year’s posts!

Many Thanks,

All October: Unprocessed Posts

In October of 2009, I was struck by a simple idea:

What would happen if I went for an entire month without eating any processed foods?

This question would have been laughable (rather, nonsensical) just a few decades ago.

What has happened to our food supply in America is pretty scary.  Obviously this is a huge topic, but for now, let me just say this:  It seems that almost every food that comes with an ingredients list on it is likely to be laden with extra sugar, fat, and salt.  And preservatives.  And flavorings.  And artificial colors.

I’m not okay with this.

So I tried it, along with a few good friends: A month of no processed foods.  It was revelatory.

My expectations and sense of taste were “recalibrated,” so to speak.  I started to identify individual ingredients in the foods I ate.  I didn’t crave those salty snacks.  I found myself often in the kitchen, excited to see what I could cook next.

We took turns hosting small dinner parties, and shared our stories and experiences.  It brought us closer together.  Funny how real food does that.

I want to do this again, and I want to share this experience with as many people as possible.  Not just my experience, but our experience.

Together, let’s see how many people we can get to eat no processed foods whatsoever during the month of October.

And then let’s see what happens.

Of course, this begs the question:  How do you define “Processed?”

Obviously there’s a wide range of implications in that word, and we will probably each define it for ourselves.  My current working definition is:

Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients.


If you pick up something with a label (and if it doesn’t have a label, it’s probably not processed), and find an ingredient you’d never use in your kitchen, it’s processed.

So let’s do it!

Commit to eating no processed foods whatsoever during the month of October by signing your name below.

If an entire month is too much of a commitment, that’s okay. Maybe it’s only a week? Maybe just a day? Sign the pledge, and indicate your support!

Maybe you’re not comfortable with my definition of “unprocessed.” That’s okay, too. Decide what it means to you and take the pledge on your terms.

Need an exception? Sure, no problem. Just make sure it’s a deliberate choice, not just because of a habit.

(Update, November 2010: I removed the pledge form, but am leaving the signatures of everyone who took the pledge. Thanks!)

The following people took the pledge.

Andrew Wilder, Playa Del Rey, CA
Thank you to everyone who is participating! :)

Gabe cross

Anne, Seattle

Dianasaur Dishes, WA

Allison Jones, Portland, OR

Lindsey Poss, North Hollywood, CA

Renee, Culver City
This is awesome.

Dana, Los Angeles, CA

Melanie Thomassian, Northern Ireland

Jacq., Studio City, CA

Heidi, New Mexico
This is my kind of eating, unprocessed and naturally gluten-free! :)

Jean Layton-GFDoctor, Bellingham WA
Gluten-Free and home processed whole foods for me.

Awesome idea!!!

Diane, MD
Hopefully this will kickstart my menu planning! Awesome idea!

Susan Mester

Lisa Merriman, Southern Oregon
I’m gluten free, so I’m so in!


Cassandra Cornwell, Ashland
I have been eating this way consistantly for about 4 years now and lost 95+ pounds during the first 3.5 by doing so. I went from size 18 to size 6! I look and feel fabulous! It has also recalibrated my taste buds! I hope everyone finds their physical freedom the way I have!

Cathy Elton, Brooklyn, NY

Jayne, London UK

Victoria, Nanaimo, BC

Wesley Marquand, LA

Sara, Santa Monica
Bring it on Andrew!! It was so fantastic to meet you last weekend and Jon and I are SO excited about this!!

Nice seeing you on Saturday night. I love the website. I’ve heard that people who don’t process diary well get pimples/acne. Wow. I think I eat pretty healthy but no processed foods means no chocolate for me! No coconut bliss ice cream either. Have you tried tamari instead of soy sauce or the amino acid sauce from health food stores? So here’s to no processed foods (except my rice/ hemp milk in the mornings :).

Lynn, www.sacatomato.com
Funny, I just read an article about salt, the hidden culprit of so many ailments. I’m in!

Bonni Cohen, San Francisco, CA.

Kimberly Morales, Sacramento, CA

Angela, Rockford, IL

Bryan Barancik, Boston
When do I get my free t-shirt

xxxxxxxx, US

Renee, New York

Kim Snyder, Seattle
I’m doing this with two other friends in CA. We’re comparing notes and encouraging each other on FB.

Cassidy Stockton, Portland, Oregon
I’ll be traveling to Scotland for work and I foresee a few challenges, but I’m making this pledge anyway. It’s a great idea and one I hope to keep with well past October


Amy, WA

Francesca berrini, Portland
I’m curious to see who I can lure into doing this with me!

Awake at the Whisk, Sacramento, California
I’ll be doubling the challenge on my site, since I try to eat locally. Local AND unprocessed. Let the joy begin!

Martha George, St. Maries, Idaho!
I’ve just now learned of this from my daughter, who is a foodie and who lives in Ballard.

Matty, Playa Del Rey, CA

Ashley, SoCal
I am a health nut and have tried to make this my lifestyle but feel even better pledging my involvement!

Matt D, Nashville TN

Danielle Pruett, Portland

xxxxxxxx, Sacramento
Raring to go. Look forward to the challenge.

Tiffany @ The Gracious Pantry, California (SF East Bay)
Fabulous challenge! Can’t wait to start!

Erin from Long Island, pretty obvious, no?
This is a great thing you are doing! I hope you open a lot of people’s minds!!!!!

Dani, Austin, TX

Casey pitts, Southern ca-lakewood
I love your blog!

Jenn, Seattle, WA
Looking forward to challenge myself to eat outside of the box! :-P

Allison, California


Gardenatrix, US
I’m in. Although in my universe, white rice is simply going to need to count as ‘unprocessed’ as is roasted coffee. :)


Helene Kwong

Carol (CGtheFoodie), San Jose, CA

Yoly, Metro Atlanta

Suzanne B., Santa Monica
Your UCLA Nutrition professor is proud of you! :-)

Veggie Val, Atlanta, GA
Great idea, Andrew! I signed up via Twitter right after IFBC, but I see you made it wonderfully formal and expansive. You, GO! And thanks for all the work you are undoubtably putting in on this.

Alexandra Jamieson, Brooklyn, NY
Let’s go! Unprocessed October is gonna be awesome!

Nishanga Bliss, Berkeley, CA

Kathryn, Phoenix

Jackie Baisa, Issaquah/Seattle, WA
I will do this to the best of my abilities while holding down a 9-5 job, and shooting weekends. It will be hard, but worth it. :-)

Serena @ SeriouslySoupy
This is how I eat, in general, but it will be great to really focus on unprocessed this month.

Great idea!

nazila, Seattle

glick, West Vancouver, Canada

Thuli, South Africa

Kathleen M. Wall, Plymouth MA

Michelle Barganier, Texas

Jody Ericson Dorow, Seattle
Ready to go Andrew!

Robin Braun, Tucson
I have been trying to eat clean for months. I think this is what I really need to stick with it…. I can do this :)


Chrystal Nelson, Airdrie, AB

Kim, Houston

Natasha, Middle Tennessee
I will be in Disneyworld the third week of October so that will be almost impossible to do but I’m in otherwise..

Lynn, Mechanicsville, VA
Great idea–looking forward to the challenge!

Mariann Tripp, Washington State
I am so excited about this!!!

Megan, Marina, CA

Stephanie, Columbia, PA
Family of 4 looking forward to meeting this challenge. It means no school food for a month, though. Too bad we couldn’t get a whole school to pledge unprocessed for a month!!

Alanna, Mount joy, PA

Leah, LA
My husband and I are doing a “no processed sugars” pledge this month. Baby steps…

Erica Moses, United States
We eat very little processed foods now so this shouldn’t be to hard for us :)

Sarah, Virginia
This is going to be difficult but, I am looking forward to the challenge!

Susannah C, Nashville, TN
I eat unprocessed foods as much as possible, this challenge will keep me focused!

Rena, San Francisco


Dr. Susan Rubin, Westchester County, NY

mary ellen, arkansas

Mary Platis, San Diego,Ca.
Let’s eat fresh and support out local farmer’s markets!

Kitchen Penguin, Federal Splat, MD
I won’t be able to start until after the 10th, I’ll be on vacation.

Andrea, Sacramento
I eat primarily unprocessed food already, but I appreciate this as a great awareness-building exercise!

Michelle, Las Vegas
I bought a juicer yesterday.

Tim, Austin, Texas

Marie, Paris, France
Been eating this way for years – but what the heck, a good pledge is always a lot o fun!

Vicki Willard, Birmingham, AL USA 35226
Yay! Let’s eat REAL food!

Kim M, washington DC
Work travel may be an exception because who knows how the food is prepared but there are better choices than others

David, Brentwood, CA

Candace Lewis

Tammy A., Vienna,VA
Lets go!

Danielle Ruckus, NYC

xxxxxxxx, SF

Melissa, Golden, CO

Irene Newton, Providence
Just talking about this with my boyfriend. Going to try a week and go from there!

Clarisse Miller, brooklyn, ny
As someone with 2 feet of counterspace and 4 cabinets total, this will be challenging!

Barbara (Yaminah) Miller, Atlanta, GA
I stopped eating meat in August. I’m excited about going another step. This is good!


Diana Nuttman, Fresno, CA

Leslie, Washington, DC

Kanani, Hawaii

Dauphine, Montreal, Canada

Gin, KY

Liz Krug, Baltimore, MD

jayedee dewitt, geneva, florida

Shannon Powers, US
This is great!

Jean at The Delightful Repast
Andrew, this is my pledge EVERY month and has been for a long time. You are definitely going to want to keep it up after October. It’s the only way to go! All the best.

Lindsay, http://kitchenoperas.com
What a great idea!!! I’m totally in — thanks for the inspiration!

Leah Williams, LA

Nancy Gellos
On board and looking forward to a great month of community awareness. Thanks, Andrew.

Donna, Seattle, WA

David Anderson, RI/MASS
Thank You

Therese, West Hollywood
I have almost eliminated processed foods completely maybe this will inspire me to drop everything. Still love chocolate. will have to be more creative. Love this idea.

Lori R., Hingham, MA

Stephanie, Denver

Coppelia, Sacramento, CA
I’m doing this with 2 friends, 1 in Seattle, and it’ll be a stretch for me. I’m a junk food junkie…addicted to convenience and sugar. This will be a stretch…but I think it’ll be worth it! Here’s to the healthiest month of my life!

Melissa Brooks, San Francisco area
YAY!!! this has been my goal and a 1 month challenge is a step in the right direction!

Alessandra, Vancouver, BC
this should be fun!

sandra h, santa cruz mtns
I believe in this pledge and have been really wanting to drop ALL processed foods!

Mirina, marina del rey, ca
I’m a bit dubious (of my ability to do this) but I am willing to commit.

xxxxxxxx, Lexington, KY
I abhor processed foods in all their forms, and look forward to (continue to) feed myself and my family only unprocessed foods for October and beyond.

erin m., Los Angeles
I don’t like having “rules” about eating, but I already mostly eat unprocessed foods, so this is a push to cut out the last of it.

Joel Ankeny, Central PA

Scott, Seattle

Lynsey, Seattle

Lisa Lucas Talbot, Los Angeles, CA

Anna, Sonoma
Should come naturally for me!

Eileen Thornton, Sacramento CA

Rose, Connecticut

xxxxxxxx, san antonio, tx

Mary jo, Wilmington nc

Jeana, Southern California
I eat mostly unprocessed foods now, but will give this a try for one week. For me processed foods include any ingredient I don’t use in my own kitchen. (ie: most things that are boxed, bottled or canned and contain preservatives) I think this might be kinda tough as I do use canned tomatoes, beans, olives, peppers, etc. normally. We’ll see how it goes. :-)

Emily H, Richmond, Va

JMH, Hamilton, Ontario
I’m aiming to eat nothing I can’t pronounce.

Patrick Connelly
Kinda already live this, but I’m in!

Carrie Neal Walden, Atlanta, GA

Dana, Florida
One of the best ideas ever!

Katie Barszcz, United States
So excited, thanks for all you’re hard work on this! Looking forward to October!

Laura, FL

Sandra, Sacramento
Game on! I try not to eat processed foods to begin with. I don’t eat fast food and rarely eat out. If I don’t cook it, I generally don’t trust it. Great of you to support this!

candida brown

Michelle, PEI, Canada
This should be interesting!

Dernie, California

xxxxxxxx, Sacramento, CA

Yesenia, DC
I’m ALL in!

Nearly there anyway – my CSA was amazing this year.

xxxxxxxx, NAN

Jennifer, Quincy, MA
I blog at www.losingtheshadow.blogspot.com.


Barbara Stone, Fair Oaks, CA
Been thinking about trying this for awhile. This is the kick-in-the-pants I need.

Lori, Minneapolis
Let’s do this! Not sure I can give up chocolate or a few other things, but I will make my most valiant effort to focus on whole foods.

Danielle, Ny
Every month should be unproccesed food month!


Robyn, SoCal

Laura, Virginia
I try to do this on a daily basis already. I have come to find, once you rid yourself of these “fake foods” when you do eat them occasionally my children and I get dreadfully ill.

Amy, California
Okay, here goes. We are pretty much there. Maybe this will push us all the way.

Nicole Silver, Hawaii
Bryan and I are going to give it a go though I think it will most definitely be a challenge! But a worthwhile one for sure.

Rosy Morales, midtown

Kori Higa, ??????

Victoria, McMinnville, Oregon
No eating or drinking of processed foods! October!

Kristina Miller, San Diego

Diane, Portland, OR

Lorena, Portland OR

Heather, Boston

Kristi Willis, Austin, tX
Thanks for doing this! I’m asking all of my blog readers to take the plege as well. (www.austinfarmtotable.com)

robert b, austin

NeCole Scott, Antelope, CA
I’m going to try this with my family and see how long we can actually go. I have to travel a bit, but hopefully we can hang in there.

trude, montana

Jenn Leonard, Spanaway, WA
Love this challenge! I’ve been doing a FOOD TRANSFORMATION blog since early this year, teaching people how to take a month by month approach to eating REAL food and making it a way of life. I’ll be sharing your challenge with my readers. LET’S DO THIS!

Barb, Portland OR

patrick linares, murrieta ca

Becca, Boise

nance, santa monica, ca
Willing and open to a new adventure.

Adriana Centeno, Los Angeles

Patricia McKenna-Grant
This sounds GREAT!!!!!

Sarah, Geneva, FL

Susie, Seabeck, WA
Just discovered your website today, and I am ready for your challenge!

Dan Clark, L.A.
Stopped eating fast food a few months ago, this seems like a perfect natural progression of that.

Sarah, Venice CA
I’ll do it, except for marathon day ;) nice work Andrew

xxxxxxxx, DC

Katie, California
I’ve been slowly trying to do this anyway, so yay to making a pledge to make me really commit!

Rene Lynch, Los Angeles
Scared. To look at how much processed food I *really* eat versus, um, how much I *say* I eat…In all seriousness, though, thanks for getting this ball rolling, Andrew! I will post #unprocessed recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen on our blog, www.latimes.com/dailydish


Tracy Breyfogle, Santa Monica, CA

Janet, Santa Monica, CA
I’m in!

malvinder kaur, kookaboora islands
am habitual of eating/cooking unprocessed food only ..so its not difficult for me… tee…hee..

Debby Maugans, Asheville, NC
This is a unique community that thrives on local meat, produce, grains, and more. It is an easy challenge to meet in this Western NC environment.

Leslie Guzman, San Antonio
Are canned San Marzano tomatoes processed? How about dried pasta?

Richard Verhagen, Salt Spring Island
Wonderful idea. Sincere thanks for this !

Heather, Los Angeles, CA

Lindy & Grundy\’s Meats, Los Angeles,CA
We 100% this!! YAAY for whole, unprocessed foods!

Kevin D, Toronto, Ont. Canada
I did the no white rice, no flour, no potatoes and no added sugar in August and lost 10 lbs. October should be reasonably close in terms of what I end up eating. Liking forward to the challenge.

Sarah, Alexandria, VA

xxxxxxxx, Sacramento

Selma, Yuba City
Let’s do this!

Great idea!

Owlchick, Baltimore

Washington\’s Green Grocer, Washington, DC
We’re doing this here at our business and encouraging our customers to join in as well!

Joan V, St Louis
Thanks for the challenge.

xxxxxxxx, austin
will try 1 week at a time

Bonnie, Virginia
Excited to follow the rules!!

Diane Hicks, austin, tx
This is so exciting! I was talking to a friend the other day about my plan to eat unprocessed for 40 days. I expressed my idea of gathering support for a group event like this and the impact of everyone dropping their habits of eating processed and factory farmed foods for brief periods of time and developing better habits as a society. Then I came on line this morning and discovered this. Thanks.

Dianna, AZ
My husband and I decided to not eat out and cook at home for Sept. We did well for 3 weeks. So excited to take the next step with you all in October. Thanks for organizing this!

Sarah, PA

xxxxxxxx, Ventura, CA

Lori, Santa Rosa, CA
I am really looking forward to an unprocessed October. It is

going to be a great month!

Karen, Arlington, VA

Pat, Ohio
If we don’t have a direction to go, we’ll wander aimlessly, so let’s start whereever we are and go in this direction.

Lee Diehr, Washington, DC
This is a great challenge!

Charmaine, Los Angeles, CA

Trish Becker, Jacksonville Fl
I’ve Challenged my nephew to the 30 day challenge starting Oct 4. You can check our progress out by going to www.blogspot.com and the blog name is unprocessed food challenge.

Kait, ILM

xxxxxxxx, Montclair, NJ

Kristi, Yorba Linda
I’ve been doing this for the past few months for health reasons, I need a good motivator to keep me going!

Amy, Canada
Going to start on Sunday (when I go grocery shopping)… This is just what I needed!

Ana, Bothell WA

Shayna, Colorado

Xan at Mahlzeit, Chicago

xxxxxxxx, Washington, D.C.

Erin Leithead, Bellevue, WA
Real food for my family.

xxxxxxxx, seattle
looking forward to it!!

Alcena, Seattle

I’m already eating mostly unprocessed food, probably about 85% or 90%.

Hannah, Georgia
this is an excellent idea!



Kat, Pasadena
I’ve already tried to limit processed; looking forward to going whole hog! (A whole hog IS unprocessed, right?) ;)

Esther, Santa Monica
Great idea Andrew!

April, Seattle
I went on a diet 3 weeks ago & part of that diet was…no processed foods. it has been 3 weeks now since i have ate anything processed or anything i did not make in my own kitchen. It’s amazing to read your post about how you no longer crazy salty snacks. i was just mentioning to someone yesterday how i have no craved chocolate or salty snacks since i have gone off the processed foods. i have always been one that couldn’t go more than 2 days without chocolate. I notice the sweetness of fruits a lot more now than before & I taste the individual flavors of what i am eating now. it’s been an eye opening experience & one I will stick with for more than just the month of October. It’s nice to not have those craving ruling my life anymore!

Alana, New York, NY

Dan Williams, Seattle, WA
See ya, processed foods!

Nimisha Amabti, San Francisco
I have been trying to eat unprocessed food for awhile now and is the basis for founding Club Dine In!. However, so many times I eat processed foods unconsciously and on a whim. During the month of October, I am challenging myself to reduce my use of single-use plastics and it is going to be a great experiment to see how these two challenges are related.

Jill Watson, Camas, WA

Kim, SI, NY
Just went vegan a month ago — the closer to the source, the better.

Austin, Austin, TX

Elizabeth, Old Greenwich, CT
Excited to give this a try!

xxxxxxxx, Glendale CA
I’m working daily towards a healthier, more sustainable existence in support of our environment, and boy does this challenge fit the bill!

Ame Schneider, Northridge, CA
Loving this challenge! (And the new VitaMix blender I got a few days ago!) Looking forward to eating whole, unprocessed foods – and being more active too!

Leanna – EastValleyLife, Mesa, Arizona
I spent last Oct 1 in CICU after a double bypass. Been trying to eat “clean” for the last year with minimal success. What the heck – Count me in!

xxxxxxxx, Mid-City, Los Angeles
So, I am ashamed that, despite more than adequate nutritional knowledge, a full gym membership, AND access to a community garden, McDonald’s and places like it continue to get a large portion of my family’s food budget each month. NO MORE! My kids are gonna hate me (for yet ANOTHER reason), but we are going back to basics with you, man!

jessica, ventura, ca
eating unprocessed foods has become more and more important to me…my boyfriend and I are planning on doing a smoothie 6day detox and this will be a great contribution to our health.

Monty, New Jersey

Tybee Diskin, Burbank, CA
It’s going to be tough, but I’m in. Let’s do it.

Stacey Tunnicliff, NY

Jim, Shoreline, WA
I read about this today in the NY Times and although I’m a bit late, I’m in and I was already on it today. I’ll write about it too if you want to visit – http://ramblefood.com

joey, rapid city, sd

Erin, United States
I love this trend! Let’s hope it sticks!

Anna Martin, SWFLa

xxxxxxxx, Ontario, Canada
Great idea. An extra motivation to stay away from all the processed stuff.




I already do this anyway but want to show my support

Samantha Greenlee, San Francisco
I did this for about 6 months after reading Skinny Bitch and the Omnivore’s Dilemma. It was great! Over the years I have not been the best ‘anti-processed’ consumer, but I’ll take on this commitment.. Thank you for the reminder!

Melissa Eads, Austin, TX

Tara, Southern California
Game on!

Sarah Delawder, Valencia, CA
So, I’m signing the pledge a day late, but I inadvertently already started my unprocessed ways today. Having a toddler to cook for has kind of made me Mostly Unprocessed to begin with. That being said, Andrew said I can make my own rules…so…I’m on the wagon except for my Halloween party so I can drink my lemon & blueberry eyeball vodka cocktail I’ll be I’ll be making and will tack that day on at the end. My pledge. My rules. Humph.

Christine, MN

xxxxxxxx, Los Angeles, CA

Monty Gamble, Plainfield, NJ

carin, Los Angeles

Dan Bolton, Redondo Beach, CA
Let’s do this!

Julie, Long Beach, CA and Airports Everywhere
An excellent challenge to counteract work travel food!

Joy, Florida

Karen Clark Nagy, Virginia
How great to be more conscious about our choices!!!

I’m not quite 100% unprocessed, but definitely getting there! Maybe this will do the trick!

Adriana, New York
This is a fantastic challenge! I plan to update my progress on this blog that I just started today www.lucysmilk.tumblr.com

xxxxxxxx, Seattle

Catherine, Maryland

Miya Fennar

Mary Hanna, Auburn, AL
Excited to return to the way my momma taught me to eat! Bye bye convenience foods! Hello a healthy, glowing, strong body!

Debi, http://lifecurrents.dw2.net/
I’m doing Unprocessed October and I’m posting the results each day.

Claire, Toronto

Catherine, Decatur, GA

Caitlin Lauren, Florida
Let’s Do This!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxx, Columbus

Rebecca Cooney, Long Island City
this will be a challenge, less at home, and much more at work where free food abounds; not to mention the cafeteria.

Iris, Seattle

PioneerValleyGirl, Massachusetts

kendall tardy, garden grove, ca

Zara, Honolulu, HI
Going to try really hard!!

xxxxxxxx, Reno, Nevada

austine graff

Paula Davis, Chicago
Vegan KickStart in September. Unprocessed in October. Wonder what November will bring?

Meghan, Northern Va

TA HomeStead, Hacienda Heights
I’ll be eating TA HomeStead Avocados and Pomegranates ALL month!!

Check out:


Diana, WA

Wendy Everham, Maine

Suwin Chan, Westerly, RI
Excellent idea! I’m in!

xxxxxxxx, New York City
Hurray – just learned about this in the NY Times. Very eager to get started.

Ann B, Mill Valley, CA
It’s the perfect time of year for this – thanks for the challenge!

Jennifer Hoffmeister, Toronto
I generally try to live this way, but love the idea of pledging too. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my husband on it, but I’m absolutely going to.

Jo, Newport, South Wales

Newman, NJ

Sheila, Houston
I’ve been moving in this direction with my diet anyways-great way to take the plunge!

marlen, Seattle

Shirley Moody, Henderson, NV
This is exciting!

Brandon B, San Francisco, CA


jordan, La Turbie, France
staring late, just discovered this, and will continue for a full month

thanks for this !!

John Martin, New Jersey

Jessica, Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer, Wauconda, Illinois

Lovelle Harris, Sacramento, CA

Ally Foxworthy, Dallas Texas
To our Health!

I try to eat this way most of the time, but this will help me to reaffirm my commitment!

AnneMarie Ashburn, DC
absolutely on board, started with breakfast today!

Carrie @ Deliciously Organic, Southern California

xxxxxxxx, toronto, ont.

Stanley L, San Francisco

Deb Woodward

xxxxxxxx, Bloomington, IN

OMG! Yummy, San Jose, CA
Not realistic for my busy lifestyle, but I’m using it as a way of moderating my choices and learning about new and creative food options.

Ellen T., No. California
Going to give it my best shot! I think I’m almost there most days anyway.

Sarah Easterwood, Minneapolis, MN

Emma Nowinski, Seattle

xxxxxxxx, Topsail Beach, NC
S0o0o Glad you are doing this pledge

maybe it will wake some people up!


Terri K, North Carolina
I’m a few days late but anxious to begin.

Michelle, Vancouver, BC
My household is gluten-free, but I will make the extra effort to have some homemade breads on hand.

Peter, Minneapolis
Great idea!!!

Kate Meehan, British Columbia

Paige, Portland, Oregon

John, Washington DC

Alta, Wylie, TX
This is my every day way of eating, but I’m in! A great challenge idea!

rebecca Heus, CT

Excited about this!

Brenda, Canada
This will be interesting…I CAN do it!

Amber Trevino, texas

Ray Trevino, texas

xxxxxxxx, NYC

A. M. Edmundson, New Jersey
I’m several days late but I so excited to participate. I hope this site offers alot by way of recipes, what to do in hunger emergencies, and the support of fellow “better-eaters”

Jill Randall, Seattle
Love it! My family ate “local” for the month of August. It was difficult to say the least, but very eye opening. Question…how are you defining “processed”, what about store bought bread?

Kristen V Brown, Brooklyn

Jennifer (Savor), Rhode Island

Thesha, Virginia Beach VA
Thanks for the challenge! I think I can!

Nicholas Simon aka nicawho, Canada
Im late!

Sara St., Indiana
October 13th to 31st, I am in.

April Schneider, Chicago, IL, http://www.wanderlustandfoodstuff.com

Lynda, Northern California

Amy, Phoenix

Debi Shargel, San Francisco


Travis Monk, Louisiana

paula antonini, Kentucky
This is so powerful!


xxxxxxxx, Omaha
Let’s do it!

Chantel, Los Angeles, CA
Ok, here we go!

Michelle, What\’s Cooking, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
So excited about this project! I’ll share and participate for sure!



Ricki, Toronto
I feel as if I’m cheating since I already eat this way pretty much all the time anyway! ;) But I love your definition of “unprocessed,” as it’s the one I’d choose, too. I don’t really consider things like whole-grain flour, rolled oats, or tofu as “processed,” even though they all are. But since I could make them in my own kitchen from real food ingredients, I’m okay with them. I can’t wait to see what everyone else will be eating! :)

amy, seattle, wa
I’m actually doing this for an entire year. Check it out. www.seasonallyseattle.blogspot.com

Angela Brobst, Bellevue, WA

xxxxxxxx, Atlanta, GA

carla, vermont

Debi, Louisville, KY/Cincinnati, OH
I love eating REAL food!

Maggie, CANADA

Amy Palmer, Madison, AL

Jaime Smith

Jess, Vermont

stephanie dunn, west palm beach, fl

Katie, Dallas
I know I’m 10 days late, but I could probably only count on one hand the processed food items I’ve eaten in that time period. (Sure glad yogurt doesn’t count, because I eat a ton of the stuff and am too lazy to start making my own again!)

Cynthe ~ FigsWithBri, Santa Rosa CA
Usually eat organic, local, seasonal produce….but like to eat out several times a week (that’s where “processed” might sneak in!). A healthy challenge to tap into everyday creativity in my own kitchen.

Megan, Columbus, OH

sara, israel
provided that here everything is written in hebrew and that I can’t understand-read a word of it, I’ll do my best :)

Hannah, South Korea

Sheryl C., Hollywood, FL

Laura T, Knoxville, TN

Alix Lefler, Portland, OR

Autumn, Spokane, WA
No-processed for a month, low-processed forever.

Lindsay Jewell, Portland, OR

Asma J

Shari Volpicelli, CA

Lori, Chicago, IL

Rachel, Houston
Looking forward to this (although I’m a late starter); we have eliminated most processed foods but could definitely do better!

Owen\’s Mom, Oregon
I have been trying this since I made the choice to be a SAHM. I make everything from scratch from our pasta to bread and sauces. This will be a tasty challenge!

Gudrun, San Francisco Bay Area

xxxxxxxx, NY

Lillian Medville, Boston, Baby!

Shawnna, Des Moines, IA
So far my kids tell me “can you cook like this all the time?”

Sara, Firestone, CO
Love the idea. But can you do it longer than just October? :)

Arika, Ypsilanti, MI

Katie, Chicago
Already gluten-free so I feel like I’m halfway there!

Tina, San Francisco, CA
There are 11 days of October left upon signing this…it’d be sad if I still failed.

Abby, Peninsula, Ohio

Julie Ridley, Turlock,

alice, Chattanooga, TN
Love the blog. I’ve been doing the unprocessed thing for a couple of years and can’t see ever going back…

Mel, Studio City, CA
Went all organic & unprocessed after a cancer diagnosis 2 years ago. 80% raw, too. So far, so good.

Elizabeth B., Apex, North Carolina
Eating especially healthy as a cancer survivor.

Catherine Warrington, Uk
What a fantastic project! Such a great way to boost our Wellbeing for the month….can’t wait to share it on Wellbeing In the City. I only wish I’d heard earlier….next year we’ll be in from the start! Thanks!

Carolyn, Madison, WI
Every time I shop I try to reduce the amount of processed foods I buy. It’s good to try!

Chilehead Bill, NW GA – U.S.
Darn bipolar meds and sleep apnea have added over 75 lbs to my frame in the past 6 months. Very bad. Will start working with unprocessed eating to loose the weight and keep it off.

Leslie Lewis, Venice Beach
I have a blog on unprocessed foods


hope it helps

Kris @krazy_kris, Paso Robles, CA
Great post! Key for me? Shop!!!! Have the good stuff around ;-)

Dianne Etmanski, Toronto, Ontario
I’ve been making this a main focus in my diet for a month or two now on my own, great to see others are doing this!!!

xxxxxxxx, usa
this might be the motivation I need – thanks

Kimberly Sunick

Sara Cavadini, South Bend, IN
I haven’t eaten anything processed for the month of October already! Actually, I haven’t eaten anything processed for at least 6 months. I eating a raw vegan diet, which really takes the “unprocessed” concept to another level. =) I love what you are doing here, best wishes!

Melinda Hartey, NY

Joan, Los Angeles
Just getting started… one meal at a time.

The Fresh 20
I love, love, love your campaign. I am committed to bringing unprocessed food to family tables 52 weeks a year! Great job! http://www.thefresh20.com

Shannon Lagasse, Edgewater, FL
So excited for this! I’ve developed sensitivities to the chemicals used in processed foods but they’ve been hard to avoid. Hopefully with the support of other people doing the same thing, I can make the transition to whole food awesomeness.

Heide, New York
I just discovered this page, and there’s not much left to October, but I’m going to give it a try. Thanks!

Paula Rothstein, Minneapolis, MN
I have reduced unprocessed to about 15% of my diet with great health consequences. I am anxious to see what 100% could do for me.

Mary Mac, Cardiff, CA
I’ve only had one lapse so far this month: My baking coconut has preservatives. I’ve got to get some of the good, pure dried coconut, and I’ll be set.

Morag Stewart, Guelph, ON, Canada

Carolyn Brzezicki, USA

Laura, Little Rock, AR
I only saw this yesterday so I’m going to go unprocessed until the end of November!

Lindsay Conway, London
am excited but nervous, no processed foods in November! :)

Greta, East Coast
OK we’re going to have a love fest now! I have found MY fave new blog!! Where did you find Middle Aged Jock by the way? I think I have to start with a day of no processed food. Next week. need to stock up!!

brooke, CT
I am a little late, but I think I can get us in at least one meal before the month is out. :)

T, FLorida
I have been doing this a little at a time over the last year. I’m hoping to learn a lot here.

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