$1.50 off Bob’s Red Mill Masa Harina


For years, my food-blogger friends had been telling me that I needed to make corn tortillas from scratch. When I finally tried it, I didn’t have a tortilla press, so I had to improvise. I made the dough (using Bob’s Red Mill’s Masa Harina flour), and then used cutting boards as my press:  I’d put one cutting board on the counter, then a sheet of wax paper, then the dough, then another sheet of wax paper, and then another cutting board on top. Then, I’d hop up on the counter and actually sit on top of the whole thing. It worked great (and was pretty funny) — until one time I didn’t quite make the jump, and slipped and fell off the counter.

At that point I decided to go on Amazon to see how much a decent tortilla press would actually cost. When I discovered they were only around $20, I decided that was a small price to pay for my pride. I usually avoid “unitaskers” in the kitchen, but this was a great decision. We’ve gotten a ton of use out of our press, and the tortillas are wonderful. I won’t stand for store-bought tortillas anymore! Not only do these taste great, but they’re also not loaded with all the junk that the commercial ones have (seriously, go read the ingredients on store-bought tortillas… Wow.).

(One tip about buying a tortilla press: Go for cast iron; apparently the handles on the aluminum models can snap under pressure.)

To help you get started making your own tortillas, I’ve partnered with Bob’s Red Mill to give you a coupon for $1.50 off their Masa Harina. Making the dough is really easy — all you’ll need is the masa harina, a pinch of salt, and warm water. And I promise you, once you make your own tortillas, you’ll never go back!

Click here for the PDF coupon & tortilla recipe.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for making your own tortillas.

…And here’s a Pinterest board I’ve put together with lots of taco ideas.

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