October Unprocessed Stickers

Get your October #Unprocessed Stickers here!

October Unprocessed stickers are now available!  Mostly just because it’s fun (and they were a big hit last year), I’ve ordered a whole bunch of October Unprocessed 2013 Stickers!

They feature the fantastic logo designed by Sabrina Modelle, and are printed on high-quality indoor/outdoor vinyl. They’re 5″ wide by 4″ high, and are cut to the hexagonal shape of the logo.

Stick ‘em on your bumper, on your water bottle, on your laptop, on your forehead…anywhere and everywhere! They’re proudly made with wind in Colorado, USA (okay, the stickers themselves aren’t made of wind…but they did use wind-generated energy to make them).

October #Unprocessed Stickers

I’m not trying to make a quick buck off of these – I’m really just hoping to cover my costs. I will mail these stickers to you personally — which of course will take time, envelopes, and stamps. (I’m short on time, the other two I think I have pretty well covered.)

Each sticker is just $3.00, and shipping via USPS First-Class Mail is FREE, no matter how many stickers you get (that’s for folks in the United States or Canada – if you’re somewhere else, please drop me a note first).

Buy your October Unprocessed sticker now via PayPal, and show your support! (You can change the quantity on the PayPal order page.)


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